[amsat-bb] Modulation levels on AO-85

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 15 03:06:04 UTC 2017

> if a station has enough power to do full quieting FM...
>, than even if he is a weak talker, or his radio has low
> modulation gain, he will be heard because
> the background noise is minimal.

Push my button...!.  <rant on>

Though my rant is more applicable to what I hear on repeaters every day...

I will not hear him.  I adjust my volume for the least pain to my ears and
this means a proper setting for all the other users that are -properly-
modulating.  Then a  weak modulation signal comes in 10 to 20 dB down and
while driving or operating via satellites, I dont have enough thumbs to
adjust to make up for this persons inconsiderate operating level.

Plus, I dont drive anyting close to a luxury car.  The volume is also set
above the road noise and just below the pain level.  That range is narrow.
I only hear those properly modulated.

But what is interesting, when I comment on someone's low moddulation, sure
enough, some expert, sitting in his shack with an ambient noise level at
least 30 dB less than what I am hearing in my car will say, "sounds fine
here".  And the offender never gets the message that he is just not worth
hearing in the mobile (or via the satellite).

This is NOT a comment on the current thread, but the topic of modulation
levels allowed me to crawl out from under my rock and vent at a 50 year
frustration since FM repeaters came around in the 70's.  And my hearing is
NOT getting any better.. just worse.

Your mileage may vary.

<rant off>


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