[amsat-bb] Modulation levels on AO-85

Jerry Buxton n0jy at amsat.org
Sun Aug 13 23:14:58 UTC 2017

5 kHz is the nominal "wide" setting for ham radio equipment on the
VHF/UHF bands.  So a rig set to 5 kHz is what we all usually expect. 
5 kHz deviation with 3 kHz audio (the usual top for most voice) would be
about 16 kHz bandwidth.  The deviation number alone is not equal to
bandwidth.  ("Carson's Rule")
Low audio is usually just that, not talking loud enough, not talking
into the mic properly, mic gain setting too low, food in the mic hole, etc.

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

On 8/13/2017 17:55, Ronald G. Parsons wrote:
> I’ve noticed lately that many stations on AO-85 have barely audible modulation. Yet other stations have clear audio with good quieting. I have heard the some manufacturers of hand-held and mobile rigs are setting their maximum deviation to 5 kHz or even less. I have noticed the same effect on local repeaters. Has anyone done any tests of the deviation required for reasonable quieting on AO-85? Or are more stations using lower power than in the past?
> Ron W5RKN
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