[amsat-bb] Possible trouble with new Icom IC-910H

Peter Pauly ppauly at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 12:02:05 UTC 2017

I bought a used IC-910H on ebay for satellite work an am having a possible
issue with it.

I tested the 2m and 70cm transmitter and receiver in FM mode with my
handheld and they work fine. I hooked up a Bird 43 wattmeter with a 50E
slug (50W, 400-1000Mhz) and when I transmit on 440Mhz FM I get an
indication of power output on the meter.  So far so good...

Then in USB/LSB mode however, I get no indication on the meter, despite
turning the mic gain up and talking into the mic. I've also up'ed the RF
power with the little knob and that doesn't help. The red light flashes on
the rig (ALC indication) and the meter on the rig moves. I can also hear
distorted audio on my FM handheld (as expected since it's FM and not USB)
but I'm worried about the lack of power indicated on the Bird.  I haven't
been able to try CW yet because I don't have the right sized plug. Should I
be concerned about the lack of power?

Summary:  Bird wattmeter shows power out on FM, but not on USB/LSB.



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