[amsat-bb] Anyone else not receive their BOD ballot for the election?

Daniel Schultz n8fgv at usa.net
Wed Aug 9 02:10:48 UTC 2017

>>No ballot yet. Did receive the mag, so the database has the correct
>>Don't want to miss my opportunity to exercise governance.
>>Wonder why this happened.

Is your membership lapsed? That's what happened to me last year, forgot to
send in the renewal. 

>>Elections can be nullified by irregularities.

Issuing duplicate ballots to everyone who claims to have not received their
first ballot is another good way to cause irregularities in the vote. The
ballot comes as an enclosure inside a first class letter with candidate
biographies and registration material for the symposium, it is not sent to you
as a postcard. I have rarely if ever had a first class letter go missing,
whatever you think of our government postal system, they do deliver the mail
99.99% of the time. (And the private UPS company lost one of our boxes of
symposium proceedings last year, which is why some of you did not get your
proceedings book in a timely manner on board the ship.)

Call Martha and see if your membership is current.....

73, Dan N8fGV

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