[amsat-bb] Bright flashy object

Pedro Sousa pedro at dutrasousa.name
Mon Aug 7 23:18:18 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Tonight right after ISS passed by, in fact a few seconds after it was no
longer visible at 22:44, I spotted a bright object flashing sporadically
and traveling from southwest to northeast. It was too bright, I dare to
say brighter than the ISS itself, but the flashes didn't had the same
intensity and timings. It could have been an airplane but the strobe
lights of one can't be that bright unless it's somewhere within 1 mile.
I thought of Mayak, the Russian satellite, but at the time it was
somewhere near New Zealand, plus the orbit doesn't match what I saw. I
was to get my camera and film it, but by the time I figured it was not
an Iridium flare, which took me a solid minute staring at it, it was gone.
What amazed me was the fact that it was traveling along a very close
path as the sunset line, which could mean that it was getting on and off
the sunlight, if that makes sense at all.
Is there any other satellite up there capable of producing a flash that

73 Pedro CU2ZG

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