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Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Nov 28 02:53:55 UTC 2016


I don't have a KG file to share, but those should not be shared
between radios anyway. Those files are not like the config files
used in the "normal" ham radios like you get from Icom, Kenwood,
and Yaesu. But I can offer some suggestions and advice...

The KG-UV8D is not capable of working SO-50 full-duplex. When you
transmit on 2m, the 70cm receiver is desensed. You won't hear
the satellite again until you stop transmitting. The radio is
capable of working AO-85 full-duplex. I wrote about this on the
AMSAT-BB list a year ago, and you can see that message at:


I do not use memory channels for working AO-85. I use the two
VFOs, open the squelch all the way for the receive VFO, and
transmit from the other VFO. That link has some key settings
I used with that radio.

You can program a group of memory channels to work SO-50 half-
duplex. A guide for that is available from AMSAT's Station and
Operating Hints page at:


(look for the document "Operating FM Satellites")

Or use another HT with your KG-UV8D, so you can transmit from one
radio while listening to the other radio for full-duplex operation.

If you want to use an HT to work both AO-85 and SO-50 full-duplex,
there is only one option currently in production: Kenwood TH-D72A.
The new TH-D74A is not capable of full-duplex operation for any FM
satellite. Wouxun's KG-UV9D, like the KG-UV8D, is capable of working
AO-85 full-duplex, but not SO-50. Along with the KG-UV8D, I wrote
about a few other Chinese-made HTs and tried using them to work
FM satellites full-duplex. They could do that with AO-85, but not
SO-50. You can get to the messages covering the other radios I
wrote about at:



Twitter: @WD9EWK


On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 2:40 AM, <jim at beeson.cc> wrote:

> Anybody use this handheld for AO85 or SO50? I Have read the instruction
> manual - as it is - a few times and STILL am scratching my head. I want to
> set it up to work these two birds - full-duplex - and still work some local
> repeaters. That should be do-able right??? If you have an APP you have
> done and it does something like this can you email it to me please ( .KG
> file) !!!!  Thanks !!

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