[amsat-bb] Great White North Grid Expedition - Sunday Schedule

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Sun Nov 27 02:26:50 UTC 2016

Today's activities got cut short due to snow.  It started coming down 
heavy and I had a long drive so I cut out early.  Tomorrow I make up for 
the lost day when the highway was closed.  Schedule below.

  SO-50        13:31
  FO-29        14:20
  AO-73        14:25

EN97/98 & FN08
  FO-29        16:03
  AO-07        17:31
  AO-85        17:33
  AO-85        19:14
  AO-07        19:20
  AO-07        21:15
  XW-2C        21:45
  XW-2F        22:34
  XW-2C        23:19
  XW-2A        23:30

  AO-73        01:23
  AO-73        03:01
  SO-50        03:47

Note:  I will give priority to AO-85 at 1914 and miss part or all of 
AO-7 at 1920 if need be.

There are some roads around the junction of the four grids that may 
allow me to cover three of them without moving around a lot.  If it 
doesn't work out then I have to do some extra driving and will miss one 
or two of the passes in the middle group.  However, this time I'll be 
able to post updates to Twitter so stay tuned.



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