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Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sat Nov 26 22:15:54 UTC 2016


Glad you enjoyed the symposium at sea.  We would not have come as my 
wife is adverse to taking cruise ships, but the cost would be higher 
for us from Alaska (flying for two to Houston would be about $1600 on 
top of the cruise/symposium costs).

I last attended Symposium in 2001 in Atlanta but was single then so 
costs nearly half what it costs for both of us.  We attended SVHF 
Conference in Atlanta in 2014 and it cost about $2200 to attend.  We 
combined the trip with visiting family in MI so the flight from 
Detroit only added $600 plus luggage charges.  Anch-Detroit cost 
$1600.  Plus hotels, meals, and taking the L from airport to 
hotel.  Total vacation costs $4000 for 14-days.

Had we signed up it would have been a disappointment having Cozumel 
dropped.  But cruises are "out" as I said, before.

Most of my post-AO-40 activity has been in eme and not satellite, but 
with possibility of new high altitude missions we may come back top 
satellite (helping out with P4/P5 design group in minor way).  I am a 
mw enabled ham so looking forward to the new sats.  In meantime have 
acquired a FT-736R and may get my AO-40 antennas back in use with 
current crop in the interim.

Symposium is always scheduled in Oct. so possible conflict with ARRL 
EME Contest plus flying in winter conditions up here complicate 
attending.  We will be starting to do extended travel with RV next 
summer in lower-48 so may hear from our sat-capable mobile (track us 
via APRS).  But RV needs to arrive home by end of Sept. to avoid 
potential winter roads on northern end of the road.  Travel season is 
Mid-may - end-Sept for Alaskans (and visitors).

73, Ed - KL7UW

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I had a fantastic time at the AMSAT Symposium at Sea.  I would go again
next year if a cruise is offered.  How about a cruise out of a Florida
port.  I learned a lot, had a great time meeting operators face to face
that I had only talked to on the birds.  Had fun in Progresso.  Made a
dozen QSO's from rare grids to make the operators who stayed home happy.

I went to the Baltimore Symposium two years ago and spent at least as
much money as the cruise trip all expenses included.  I enjoyed the
Baltimore trip, but there was more opportunity to get to know the other
AMSAT members on the cruise and exchange ideas.

A big thank you to Clayton, W5PFG, and his symposium committee and the
AMSAT Board of Directors for believing in the idea and backing it.

As far as furthering the fund raising for AMSAT the venue of the
symposium has minimal impact on attracting additional dollars.  I have
to believe a symposium on a cruise ship costs AMSAT less that at a
tradition hotel.

Attracting additional members will of course increase the income.
Getting hams exciting about working the satellites will increase

The funding model for most large dxpeditions is half from the operators
going on the expedition and the other half from fundraising from the ham
community and corporate sponsors.  AMSAT is working on the corporate
donors.  If every AMSAT member was a member of the President's Club at
what ever level they can afford that would sure help the deficit.  No
hobby is inexpensive.  Have you checked on the cost of a golf membership

I for one think AMSAT is a terrific organization and hope the future is


73, Ed - KL7UW
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