[amsat-bb] AMSAT Symposium at Sea

Frank Westphal k6fw1 at verizon.net
Sat Nov 26 07:14:53 UTC 2016

I had a fantastic time at the AMSAT Symposium at Sea.  I would go again 
next year if a cruise is offered.  How about a cruise out of a Florida 
port.  I learned a lot, had a great time meeting operators face to face 
that I had only talked to on the birds.  Had fun in Progresso.  Made a 
dozen QSO's from rare grids to make the operators who stayed home happy.

I went to the Baltimore Symposium two years ago and spent at least as 
much money as the cruise trip all expenses included.  I enjoyed the 
Baltimore trip, but there was more opportunity to get to know the other 
AMSAT members on the cruise and exchange ideas.

A big thank you to Clayton, W5PFG, and his symposium committee and the 
AMSAT Board of Directors for believing in the idea and backing it.

As far as furthering the fund raising for AMSAT the venue of the 
symposium has minimal impact on attracting additional dollars.  I have 
to believe a symposium on a cruise ship costs AMSAT less that at a 
tradition hotel.

Attracting additional members will of course increase the income. 
Getting hams exciting about working the satellites will increase 

The funding model for most large dxpeditions is half from the operators 
going on the expedition and the other half from fundraising from the ham 
community and corporate sponsors.  AMSAT is working on the corporate 
donors.  If every AMSAT member was a member of the President's Club at 
what ever level they can afford that would sure help the deficit.  No 
hobby is inexpensive.  Have you checked on the cost of a golf membership 

I for one think AMSAT is a terrific organization and hope the future is 


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