[amsat-bb] AMSAT Space Symposium at Sea a Success!

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Thu Nov 24 04:07:28 UTC 2016

Thank you, Mike, for your reply. 
> My "self-promotion” irritates some. Brings in a bunch of cash … (grin). But visitors to my Web 
> site or attendees at my presentations are given information - in a style and format that is 
> entertaining AND informative. I am darned proud of each and every show. Never have I given 
> the same slideshow to groups: Each has about twenty slides that are customized to their club 
> or event. NEVER dull - it is an quite out of the norm for ham presentations - in all the RIGHT 
> manners.
> Critiquing AMSAT? When I think necessary, absolutely. No AMSAT-NA “game plan” for the future exists. 
> They have no idea how to “market” themselves. Look at how AMSAT-UK put on the FunCube 
> project: social media, daily Web site updates - IT WAS EXCITING TO JUST VISIT THE WEB SITE.
> And there are lessons in marketing to be learned from NASA. Sure, they have a budget for 
> public relations. But there are people within the amateur radio community who are marketing 
> people and public relations pros I am sure.
> In comparison, AMSAT-NA’s Website had a post in October - nothing the general amateur community 
> was interested in. And then a post this week, declaring the cruise a “success."
> But when AMSAT-NA posts a chart to show how less expensive it is to go on a cruise than 
> hold a “symposium” in a major metropolitan area - then I knew they were being misled.
> IF, of course, their main objective is to “build birds and disseminate information about them 
> to the world.” This past elitist cruise symposium did absolute nothing I can find to promote 
> STEM education and informing students, educators, and the ham community at large.
> Enough for now. THANK YOU for your reply. It will be more than I ever hear from anyone at 
> AMSAT-NA. It is time to prepare for Thanksgiving.
> Clint K6LCS
> (909) 241-7666 - personal cell
> (909) 999-SATS - messages

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