[amsat-bb] AMSAT Space Symposium at Sea a Success!

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Thu Nov 24 02:03:55 UTC 2016

Thank you, Mike, for your reply. That original message of mine will never be posted on the 
AMSAT-BB list - my posts are restricted there for the most part.

My "self-promotion” irritates some. Brings in a bunch of cash … (grin). But visitors to my Web 
site or attendees at my presentations are given information - in a style and format that is 
entertaining AND informative. I am darned proud of each and every show. Never have I given 
the same slideshow to groups: Each has about twenty slides that are customized to their club 
or event. NEVER dull - it is an quite out of the norm for ham presentations - in all the RIGHT 

Critiquing AMSAT? When I think necessary, absolutely. No AMSAT-NA “game plan” for the future exists. 
They have no idea how to “market” themselves. Look at how AMSAT-UK put on the FunCube 
project: social media, daily Web site updates - IT WAS EXCITING TO JUST VISIT THE WEB SITE.

And there are lessons in marketing to be learned from NASA. Sure, they have a budget for 
public relations. But there are people within the amateur radio community who are marketing 
people and public relations pros I am sure.

In comparison, AMSAT-NA’s Website had a post in October - nothing the general amateur community 
was interested in. And then a post this week, declaring the cruise a “success."

But when AMSAT-NA posts a chart to show how less expensive it is to go on a cruise than 
hold a “symposium” in a major metropolitan area - then I knew they were being misled.

IF, of course, their main objective is to “build birds and disseminate information about them 
to the world.” This past elitist cruise symposium did absolute nothing I can find to promote 
STEM education and informing students, educators, and the ham community at large.

Enough for now. THANK YOU for your reply. It will be more than I ever hear from anyone at 
AMSAT-NA. It is time to prepare for Thanksgiving.

Clint K6LCS
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> On Nov 23, 2016, at 5:19 PM, E.Mike McCardel <mccardelm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Clint,
> I found it interesting that this was addressed to the AMSAT-BB, to the AMSAT BoD and to me individually. As such I feel compelled to reply. I speak for myself.
> You are right that we all need to do our part. Your promotion of AMSAT is not only appreciated but does go noticed.
> I think anyone who takes the time look past your own self-promotion and patronizing critique of the AMSAT organization would agree with the point you are making and the idea of taking every opportunity to promote AMSAT and recruiting new members.
> However, I think it is simply untrue to assume that you are the only one doing so. There is a lot of promotion going on by, not only the powers that be but by every day "grass roots" members. As for the success of the Symposium, I will leave that judgement those who attended. I am sure that the event was every bit as successful as any of your myriad of events. That said and looking at the numbers of current members, it will take more than simply speaking promoting and passing out membership forms to get the numbers up. We need to follow up and follow through with the contacts we make and the efforts we put forth. It takes time. It takes ongoing and evolving projects that get people excited and pushes their imaginations to want to get involved. This is something at which, I believe, the AMSAT organization is working hard to accomplish. Reference the number of recent and soon to be satellites and the development of new technologies that will move AMSAT and ham radio into an entire new dimension. Witness the rebirth of work toward HEO and Geosynchronous orbits, cooperative programs with colleges universities, FEMA and the ARRL. "If we build it they will come." (All of these addressed at some point during the Symposium).
> All of this takes Time, Talent and Treasure. Each of us, as members should be supplying a little of each and doing so without worrying about who gets the credit. If every member of AMSAT would get just one more person to join we would double our membership. So, yes, promote, hand out membership forms, take names, follow-up with people you meet, offer to help them get started, introduce them to other members, start a user group, engage students and college departments of engineering and space science, make yourself available for more than just a demo, a talk or a table at a ham fest. (Again things that happen at and post Symposium.)
> Yes, Clint, your efforts support and help but engaging people in concert with other AMSAT members and activities will go a lot further. 
> 73
> EMike
> E. Michael McCardel, AA8EM, former KC8YLD
> Rotating Editor for AMSAT News Service, AMSAT-NA
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>> On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 1:15 AM, Clint Bradford <clintbradford at mac.com> wrote:
>> "AMSAT Space Symposium at Sea a Success!" - proudly
>> proclaims AMSAT-NA on its Web site and elsewhere.
>> I suppose there are differing definitions of “success.”
>> The non-broadcast “AMSAT Status Report” presentation was fairly
>> dismal - not “successful” in anyone’s definition -
>> - Current income from dues and other sources are not
>> sufficient to cover day-to-day expenses
>> - Projected operating deficit in 2017 approximately $147K
>> - Need 3,340 additional members @ $44.00/year to break even
>> - Operating losses covered by reserves, non-designated donations
>> - Level of deficits is not sustainable in the long run
>> As also stated, MEMBERSHIP GROWTH is a MAJOR KEY
>> in sustaining AMSAT-NA.
>> This means at EVERY opportunity (nets, meeting appearances,
>> EVERY opportunity), we need to promote AMSAT-NA at that “ground
>> level.”
>> Eighty-six club and conference audiences so far - totaling a few
>> thousand folks - in person have heard me promote AMSAT-NA - to
>> the point of mentioning the fact that AMSAT-NA can be included in
>> one’s estate as one way to support “keeping amateur radio in space."
>> Are YOU carrying with you at all times AMSAT membership forms to hand
>> out? Are you joining nets as a regular and promoting AMSAT-NA? Or checking
>> in as a visitor and mentioning AMSAT-NA? Are you promoting AMSAT-NA on
>> your personal sites (ask Martha for permission to use their logo)? On your
>> Facebook page? Twitter?
>> It feels like it is going to take such “grass roots” promotion to keep AMSAT-NA
>> a viable and attractive recipient of our attention AND membership dues.
>> Who else has some “promotional” ideas that individuals can immediately embrace?
>> Clint Bradford K6LCS
>> (909) 999-SATS
>> (909) 999-7287

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