[amsat-bb] CAMSAT launched CAS-2T Technical Verification Satellite

Dani EA4GPZ daniel at destevez.net
Thu Nov 10 19:33:34 UTC 2016

El 10/11/16 a las 00:54, Alan Kung escribió:
> CAS-2T a technical verification satellite for CAMSAT CAS-2 series
> amateur radio satellite launched at 23:42 today, It is an 2U Cubsat
> and will not be separated from the final stage of rocket, so the
> orbital life may be 10 to 30 days since the final stage of rocket
> will be re-entry atmosphere.

Hi guys,

I listened for CAS-2T on the 17:30 UTC pass over Europe (an overhead pass).

The CW beacon is easy to copy, but it seems that there is much QSB.
Perhaps the satellite is spinning fast.

The FM transponder doesn't work properly. It is weak, and it seems that
it tries to modulate, but it doesn't modulate well and it shuts down,
and continues doing this on and on as long as someone tries to active
it. I would say that it responded to my PTT (using 5W to 3el) well, but
I can't be sure, as there were a handful other stations trying.

Finally, the statement that CAS-2T will not be separated from the final
stage rocket and will re-enter in 10 to 30 days doesn't make any sense
at all. First, in the image of CAS-2T shown on AMSAT-UK, it just looks
like a regular cubesat, so no way that antennas and solar panels would
work fine without separation from the rocket.

Second, the TLEs for this launch are already in Celestrak and
Space-Track. There are 6 objects tracked (A through F). Mike DK3WN says
that object E is a good match for the Doppler profile of CAS-2T CW
beacon. My observations on the 17:30 pass agree with him. Objects A
through D are on 512km x 492km orbits. Objects E and F are on 1030km x
504km orbits. There is no way that any of these objects (especially E
and F) will decay in less than a month.

For comparison, according to Space-Track, NORAD ID 41559, which is a
CZ-4B rocket body that was launched 30th May, sending its payload into a
500km circular orbit, and is currently on a 360km x 240km orbit, will
decay around 15th December. This is 6 months to decay for the rocket
body of a similar launch.

Hopefully Alan BA1DU will be able to give us more accurate information
about this launch.


Dani EA4GPZ.

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