[amsat-bb] HTV6 to ISS

Mineo Wakita ei7m-wkt at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Nov 8 11:22:56 UTC 2016

JAXA opened to the public yesterday seven nano satellites to be installed in
H-IIB Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI" (HTV) to be launched next month. Satellites
are only about 1U~3U in size and will conduct experiments aimed at realizing the
space elevator which is expected to facilitate the movement of Earth and Universe
in the future. It's the first time to launch in JAXA with seven satellites at a time.

HTV6 Launch: 13:26 UTC, Dec.9, 2016 at the Tanegashima Space Center, Japan

H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI" (HTV), JAXA

AOBA-VeloxIII  Kyusyu Institute of Technology

EGG            University of Tokyo / Nihon University

FREEDOM        Tohoku University / Nakashimada Engneering Works, Ltd

ITF-2          University of Tsukuba

IuPOD          Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation

STARS-C        Shizuoka University

WASEDA-SAT3    Waseda University

                     Downlink  Beacon    Mode
AOBA-VeloxIII        437.375   437.375   1k2 AFSK,CW
ITF-2                437.525   437.525   1k2 FM,CW
STARS-C (Mother)     437.405   437.245   1k2 FM,CW
STARS-C (Daughter)   437.425   437.255   1k2 FM,CW
WASEDA-Sat3          437.290   437.290   1k2 PCMFSK,CW

JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita


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