[amsat-bb] ARRL Teacher's Institute/STE(A)M

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 14:51:20 UTC 2016

One of my high school classmates, Teresa, is a former middle school math
and science teacher. Teresa has now transitioned to being a staff member of
North Carolina State University's Science House. While STEM is not the main
focus of her position, she still does a lot of hand-on experiences in STEM
areas, some for students and some for educators, here in western NC.

I made her aware last month of the ARRL Teacher's Institute. which she is
placing into her November newsletter. (I included links to the institute on
ARRL's website.) This newsletter reaches at least 1350 points of contact,
mainly STEM educators, most of them in NC.  I offered to be a point of
contact if anyone was interested in learning more about the ARRL program,
and especially AMSAT/ARISS, as I am an ARRL PIO (Public Information

So I'm asking for  videos, websites,  (videos/reports of) demonstrations,
etc, which are relevant for STEM educators, especially as it involves ham
radio, AMSAT, and ARISS so that I can pass these various references along
to folks who might have seen Teresa's newsletter.

I haven't heard from anyone YET, but the month is still young. I'm hoping
there will be a few nibbles for the ARRL Institute at least, as I stressed
to Teresa that it is virtually cost-free for the participants.

Thanks in advance!

Philip N4HF (N4HF at AMSAT.ORG)

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