[amsat-bb] SatPC32 Ver12.8c and CAT Operating

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Fri Nov 4 01:39:24 UTC 2016



I will tell you that I get at times some similar types of conditions with
SatPC32 12.8C and my FT847.  The radio will flip USB modes on the main band
and sometimes the transmit sub band while I am tuning the passband.  I have
assumed that this might be a feature of tuning too fast and the data stream
getting confused.  I can see this happening whether I set the radio/Com port
to 9600 or 57.6 but think it is a bit more prone at 57.6 Kb/s.  


Any body have suggestions?


Tom Schuessler


n5hyp at arrl.net





Hi folks,


I am trying to get back into the satellites and have a Kenwood TS-790A which
I am using with SatPC32 Ver12.8c.  I am using THIS
<http://www.ebay.com/itm/261186601463>cable for CAT control (after research
it seemed to be one of the best and reliable cables for the purpose).


During the operation of the radio during a pass using AO-85 I have found
that SatPC32 keeps switching the mode from FM to USB.  It stopped doing that
when I disconnected the USB to accessory plug but of course it stopped
correcting for doppler as well. When I investigated this I noticed that the

AO-85 line in the DOPPLER.SQF file seemed to be missing a comma, see below:


; For Hints look at the end of this file.

; Do not remove or modify these first

; 3 lines of the file, starting with ';'!

AO-85,145980,435180FM,FM,Nor,0,0,Voice U/V


AO-73,145960,435140,USB,LSB,REV,0,0,Voice U/V AO-73,145935.0,,USB,,,,TLM


I corrected that and saved it and restarted the computer and the program.

It continues to do it and I can't figure out why.  So, on this radio there
is a "Main" channel which is on 70 cm which I transmit on and there is a
"Sub" channel which is on 2 meters which I receive on.  The "Main" channel
tracks the doppler correctly and remains on FM but the "Sub" tracks the
frequency correctly but keeps switching to USB.  Does anyone have any
thoughts on how to correct this or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks so much for your time.


Fred Castello, KF4FC

Fishersville, VA


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