[amsat-bb] Outernet Cube Sats

Mike Hoblinski hobergenix at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 21:31:46 UTC 2016

I believe they are planning 3 cube sats from what I ran across
on their forum.

UHF downlink, VHF uplink 420 – 450 MHz Transmit frequency covering the
amateur bands 130 – 150 MHz Receive frequency covering the amateur bands
Transmit output power adjustable from 27 to 33 dBm o Adjustable in 3 dBm
steps 9600 baud GMSK, and 1200 baud AFSK data rates Implements AX.25
protocol encoding/decoding DTMF backdoor l Low-power Flash-based FPGA
Beacon (CW) mode Simple digital interfaces

Here is a link to their project

Mike Hoblinski

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