[amsat-bb] Outernet antenna mod

Jim Barbre jbarbre at xmission.com
Tue Nov 1 15:40:01 UTC 2016

     With the help of some Velcro, I attached my Outernet patch antenna 
to a flat, smooth, 10 x 12 inch aluminum cooking sheet and mounted it 
indoors on a tablet stand. I angled the antenna at 50 deg. above the 
horizon and pointed the stand in the direction of the satellite. Antenna 
pigtail is at the bottom. LNA is connected directly to the pigtail and 
Outernet SDR is connected directly to the LNA. I used a 9 inch USB cable 
to connect the dongle to my Raspberry Pi 3. With this setup I was able 
to increase my SNR from a max. of 1.7dB to > 5dB. A very easy setup that 
now makes it possible for me to download Outernet files.

Jim Barbre

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