[amsat-bb] Fw: HF-HF satellite (OSCAR LOCATOR?)

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You might be interesting in this computerized version:


Neat, and kind of reminds me of the mythical microprocessor driven slide rule we joked about in
graduate school.  ca 1975.



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<>  Sat tracking in the early days was with an AMSAT
<> OSCAR-LOCATOR (Rotating mylar discs over a global map!!).
<I just googled and there is only one image of an OSCARLOCATOR I can find.
<I remember it well, but am confused by this image:
<I understand the curved trace.  It crosses near the pole at the latitude of
<the inclination of the orbit.  And I understand the circular plot which is
<angle and elevation from your QTH when placed over your house.  But I do
<not understand the straight line scale going nearly vertical and labeled
<RS?  WHy is there no curve to it?
<And the only other one I found was this:
<Which looks like it has the orbits of three different satellites, one of
<them added on in green marker.  But this one is lacking the AZ/EL circle
<for the station.
<Is there a better image anywhere that I can use to justify this "minimum
<satcom" experiment?
<And is this how it worked?  You got the daily zero crossing of the
<equator.  Then for the next 24 hours you could just rotate the plastic
<overlay by the longitude increment?  ANd increment the time by the orbital
<On a trip and without a smart phone, I'd rather do an OSCAR locator then
<fuss with a PC...
<Bob, WB4APR
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