[amsat-bb] Eshail2 inverting yes or no?

Remco pa3fym at amsat.org
Sat May 21 09:09:48 UTC 2016

While actually building equipment
for Eshail2 (soldering iron was smoking ;-)
I had a local QSO about Eshail2.

Suddenly someone asked if I knew if the 
transponder (up-/downlink) setup was inverted or non-inverted.

I remember having been told that the setup will be
non-inverted, but can't find information/verification
on this subject. 

Personally I think it would be ideal if the 
transponder setup is non-inverting, 
so (let's say) 2.4G USB up --> 10.5G USB down.

Anyone who can clarify this?

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