[amsat-bb] FINALLY -- STMsat-1 lack of signals explained

Bob WB4SON at gmail.com
Wed May 18 20:25:17 UTC 2016

Of course I have no idea -- it may only be a shutdown command receiver.

I checked the ULS an there is no female ham in NC or VA with her last name
so no telling how technically accurate those "Anthropomorphic
STMsat-1" statements
are (She is listed on the faculty roster as a Kindergarten teacher at STM
School).  There may well be some intentional obfuscation as well.  Hearing
several days later the key information that there will be no TX was an
important bit of information that, had it been given earlier, might have
made folks more comfortable with not hearing anything.

Hopefully Joe Pellegrino or Matt Sammons will communicate some details as
they, no doubt, know the secret sauce that went into everything technical
on STMsat-1.

Clearly this is a wonderful educational program, and the more technical
information provided, the better for other schools that would like to
follow in their footsteps.  Clearly technical information isn't necessary
for the audience they are reaching out to, so I don't suspect them to jam
their Twitter account with it, but adding some of those details would be a
wonderful thing to do in the future on their main website or facebook page.

Exciting time ahead, hopefully.

73, Bob, WB4SON

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