[amsat-bb] FINALLY -- STMsat-1 lack of signals explained

Bob WB4SON at gmail.com
Wed May 18 18:42:31 UTC 2016

Still might be speculation about no uplink capability.  It is entirely
possible that things are programmed to remain off until the spin
stabilizes.  And given statements that the antennas would deploy in 45
seconds, that doesn't sound like the sun is melting anything -- it might be
a resistive wire that is heating the glue.  Of course information like that
would be nice to know and it would help others in the future.

There was correspondence to NASA indicating it had some uplink capability.
Quoting the letter sent to the NASA mission manager:
1. Structure
2. Radio
3. Solar Arrays (5, body mounted)
4. Power System
5. On-board Computer
6. Deployable Antenna
7. Camera
8. School Payload (cross blessed by the pope)

"The spacecraft will be launched into LEO (400 km) from the International
Space Station (ISS) in early December 2015. The antenna will deploy 45
minutes after deployment from the ISS. The spacecraft will take a photo of
Earth every 30 seconds and will transmit it via the amateur radio band
(slow scan television). If required, the spacecraft “shut down” command
would be sent via the NASA Near Earth Network."

Fingers crossed that its just a matter of time.

73, Bob, WB4SON

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