[amsat-bb] HyGain DB218SAT baluns/CP switches

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Wed May 18 17:51:14 UTC 2016

I've had this antenna system for about 8 years, and have used it very
little, so I took it down a few days ago.


I had never run power to the CP switches, but I noticed the insulation on
the power leads on BOTH balun assemblies have almost completely
disintegrated.  The outputs - one for RHCP, one for LHCP - where the
cylindrical baluns themselves connect to the driven elements have lost
their protective coating.

My question is - are there compatible baluns and/or CP switches from other
manufacturers which are compatible with these antennas? (HyGain sells them,
of course)  The CP capability doesn't matter as much to me since there
aren't any HEOs like AO 13 or AO 40 in the pipeline (but please tell me I'm
wrong if I am :-) )

(An aside - I'm thinking about selling these antennas as is, since they are
- and were - overkill for my needs (since, again, there are no V/U or U/V
HEOs which are feasible at this time) and using the proceeds to purchase
the M^2 LEO pack)

Philip N4HF

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