[amsat-bb] Friday DN01/11 FO-29 ~18:56z & SO-50 ~19:31z maybe more

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 06:50:55 UTC 2016

My rover plans for tomorrow are to drive up to the DN01/11 line and operate the FO-29 pass starting at 18:56z and SO-50 at 19:31z. It will be a bit hotter than it has been and participation on far western passes has been minimal. If conditions permit, I may try to stay for the later FO-29 & SO-50 passes and possibly AO-7 Mode B. I would be far more likely to do so if I know that someone will be on those passes needing the DN01 or DN11 grids. I do not know if I will have data connectivity from the op location... I have been lucky so far, but no way to know if it will happen again and I may also be close to running out of data on my plan. I'll check my e-mail before leaving the motel in the morning. 

I am also not sure about any ops on Saturday. A couple of the passes are low elevation (and there are mountains here blocking low passes) and the other two have a time overlap. I will consider whether an effort to work one or the other of the FO-29 or SO-50 western passes on Saturday would be fruitful. There may also be an AO-7 pass on Saturday that could work, if the transponder cooperates.  On Sunday there appears to be one good SO-50 pass at 1842z and one FO-29 pass at 1851z. However, any later passes are in doubt as we are checking out of the motel here on Sunday and heading east again.

I've been made aware that XE1AY has ops planned for Friday through Sunday on the FM birds from a rare grid down south. I'm sorry, but there is little to nothing I can do about this; I planned my operations months ago, have had motel reservations in place for some time and it's not something I can easily change. I can only encourage anyone who is able to contact me on FO-29 to look for me there instead and leave SO-50 to the FM only ops. I will be on the early (northern part) of the SO-50 passes. I will continue until callers cease or the traffic becomes insurmountable.

Hope to work you 'from the high desert!'  73, Kevin N4UFO

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