[amsat-bb] FT-736R vs. TS-2000X

D. Craig Fox DFox at rwglaw.com
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What Drew said.  First off, I know very little about the 736, except what was already mentioned. However, I have two TS2Ks at two different QTHs. Full duplex FM, SSB, and loads of whistles and bells, tremendous performance on HF, 6m, 2m, 70cm, and 1.2 optional. The birdie is a non-issue. If I want to work SO-50 that bad, I just connect a jumper from my 70 cm antenna to an HT.  With all of the other functional sats, especially all of the SSB sats with their wide passbands, working SO50 is an afterthought or something I do with my Elk and D7.  I don't use the onboard tnc, but rather, a Signalink USB soundcard, for ISS packet, JT, PSK and other dig modes on HF, MS, and EME.  SatPC runs the show on the sats and overall, the setup is flawless and ultra reliable.  There is an onboard TXCO- mandatory for EME.  have heard the rumors about 2m "deafness", however my non-preamp, 2m EME list of contacts suggests otherwise.




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Hi, I've owned a FT-736 for years and have several acquaintances who have (or used to have) TS 2000's.

For satellite work I was happy with my FT736 (That being said I haven't been on the Hamsats in years..)

I seem to recall it worked nicely with sat32PC (and also seem to recall helping test a program change that enhanced the functionality with PL tones.  I may be miss remembering this..)

As others have mentioned the built in AC supply on the FT736 can be a weak spot but the radio will run from an external DC power supply.

If I ever get back into working the Hamsats I would plan on using my FT736 along with Sat32pc.

I mostly use my FT736 for 222 and occasionally 1.2 GHz weak signal work.   It's performance on 144 and 432 is okay in my view but not spectacular.   It's my only SSB / CW radio for 222 and 1.2 GHz so I have nothing else to compare it to on those bands.

The existence of the optional 222 module may make the FT736 fairly desirable to those who want to use SSB / CW on that band.

If I was mostly into Hamsats and had a fT736 and a TS2000 I'd be inclined to try both of them and if I was happy with the TS2000 I'd look at selling the FT736.

Hope this helps

Mark S


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