[amsat-bb] Source for 3" (76mm) pipe for dish mount?

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Mon May 9 21:54:36 UTC 2016

>>> If you can supply photos of links of the actual dish we may be able to 
>>> help further.

... I found a pic online that looks right; it's a 1m Primestar dish.  I 
cropped out just the dish - here is the link:


... I have previously been using an old round DirecTV dish with various 
home-made and purchased antennas to receive Inmarsat and a few other signals 
but obviously needed something larger to experiment further.  Both Vivaldi 
and patch style antennas have worked well with the DirecTV dish.  I'm not 
completely sure what I will do with this 1 meter dish, but I don't have any 
plans for tracking at this time.  A stationary mount will be fine.

Having already gained some familiarity with Inmarsat signals, that is one 
option.  It may very well be beyond my reach, but I would like to educate 
myself about what is available on the GOES-13 satellite as well.  I even 
have a commercial FTA TV LNB to experiment with.  It seems like the upcoming 
amateur satellites will require familiarity with more gain & higher 
frequencies as well, so I have a lot to learn there.

LEO telemetry cubesats and the like are my main interest, but I like the 
idea of having a dish to experiment with as well.  Certainly appreciate 
everyone's input!

If satcom topics like Inmarsat & GOES-13 are not of interest on this mailing 
list, by all means please feel free to contact me directly if you have any 



If you are not using it in a fixed position, but for low earth orbit
tracking on s-band, like I am, I can give more advice. I am using a
1.2 metre dish. In particular the modification for larger feeds,
calibration due to offset feed and real world low earth orbit tracking

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