[amsat-bb] Monday DM16 FO-29 1905z & SO-50 2111z (plus?)

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 04:40:31 UTC 2016

Planning to be in DM19 on Monday, FO-29 at 1905z & SO-50 at 21117z. There is also an SO-50 pass at 1932z and I will certainly try but it is less than 10 degrees for me and I don't know how much will get over the mountains to the east, just by looking at pictures. Same story with FO-29 at 2050z, but I will try. - Look for me around 435.935-945 on FO-29. Also, I am finding several stations are either not tuning up or tuning way off of me causing me to have to waste time 'running around'. I am running full duplex, by the way.

 Again, I want to ask folks not to routinely blind call, not to tail end and make your calls as short as possible. I am only running 5 watts and higher power levels will hit the AGC and cause me to loose the bird. My focus, as with all these grids, is to work those that need them for 'new ones'. 

Thanks and hope to see you 'from the high desert!' - Kevin N4UFO

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