[amsat-bb] Update: QB50P1 (EO-79) decoding

Jeff A. Boyd the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Fri May 6 14:33:50 UTC 2016

A few weeks ago I solicited some advice on this forum about decoding EO-79 packets. Thanks to that helpful advice I kept at it,
taking a yagi out into a field on Wednesday and finally getting multiple decodes.

So imagine my surprise when I recorded a pass just now with only the discone -- the antenna through which the signals had always been too weak to decode before -- and, out of nowhere, the packets came booming in:


This was an even better result than the pass earlier this week using the yagi!

So it looks like I've got this process sorted out. Now to expand to other birds, other modes...

J. Boyd, JR2TTS/NI3B
the2belo at msd.biglobe.ne.jp
Twitter: @Minus2_C

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