[amsat-bb] Kenwood TH D72A and packet TNC

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed May 4 19:48:53 UTC 2016


The explanation you reposted relates to using just the TNC to work ISS
passes via APRS messages. Jack was asking about using the TH-D72A with
software like UISS. In 5+ years of owning my TH-D72A, I have never
used it in "PACKET12" or "PACKET96" mode, where the TNC is being
controlled by external software running on a PC connected to the
radio's USB port. When you connect the TH-D72A to a PC and it is in
the PACKET12 or PACKET96 (1200 vs 9600 bps), you get access to
the TNC's cmd: prompt. I should be able to use a terminal program
or other software that (on a Windows PC) can access the HT on the
COM port assigned to it by Windows.

Seeing these messages, I may try to get my TH-D72A working with a
software package like UISS. I see that UISS installs the AGW packet
engine software, and wants to also install UZ7HO's Soundmodem
package when UISS is installed. I'm pretty sure I don't need the
Soundmodem package if I'm using the TH-D72A, and will have to see
the configuration options to make UISS play with the HT. Time to
try this out is in short supply this week, between stuff at the
office and the hamfest I'm heading to this weekend, but I am a
little curious about trying UISS with the HT.


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> You have to set the path right. Here is Patrick, WD9EWK's explanation:
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