[amsat-bb] Kenwood TH D72A and packet TNC

ingejack at cox.net ingejack at cox.net
Wed May 4 18:17:33 UTC 2016

I am trying to set my internal packet tnc in my Kenwood TH D72A  to contact ARISS to no avail !! I have tried AGWPE and UISS to work with the radio but no luck. I was wondering if anyone out there has been able to contact ARISS with The TH D72A TNC ?? If so, how are you hooking up the radio to the computer to work ?? I am about to order the Siganlink Usb that comes with the cables set up for this radio but hesitate to do so if the built in TNC can work!! Any help will be appreciated  Thank You  JACK-KC7MG

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