[amsat-bb] APRS Satellite DTMF uplink - Voice downink

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 3 18:26:41 UTC 2016

Next APRS satellite has APRStt (DTMF and Voice) too:

Launch maybe this summer:  http://aprs.org/qikcom-2.html

Here are some recordings of our next QIKCOM-2 satellite which in addition
to APRS on 145.825 digipeating also lets any user with a DTMF keypad to
uplink his GRID, QSL’s and other messages on a different VHF uplink.  It
gets converted to voice for the DTMF listeners and to APRS on the APRS
downlink so it gets into the global APRS system on http://pcsat.findu.com

Grid:  http://aprs.org/QIKcom/voice/Grid-FM19.wma

Then the manual entry of the contact number:


Then an example of a message:


The voice sucks, but our next satellite http://aprs.org/psat-2.html after
this one uses a better synthesizer.


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