[amsat-bb] Alfa/Spid RAS/HR

Norm n3ykf normanlizeth at gmail.com
Sun May 1 20:09:02 UTC 2016

Picked up one of these NIB for just over half sale price, including
the MD-02 control box.

Works well. Had it spinning around for 7 days. Last park found the
antenna where it was supposed to be.

No mechanical re-alignment was performed during testing.

Satpc32 would only drive it if the MD-02 was set to accept GS-232.
Tried this first. Software spun the rotator around 850 degrees in one
direction. Took two days to accomplish this feat. Ran the box
allllllll the way back to 0.

Used PST rotator with the same setup. GS-232 via usb. No problems in 5 days.

Think I found the problem with PST rotator. Haven't gotten to play
with it to see.

Schematics were easy to follow. Documentation was typicial chinglish.

Mechanically, it's built like a tank. Quality control is typical
eastern European/former Soviet republic style. Check out the drill
shaving embedded in the grease:


How the manufacturer suggests running control and RF cables throught
the mast baffles me. This is a shot with the cable grommet plate


The top of the casting has a hole that measures approximately 1"

Get the cables in there? Sure! I give it about two months of heavy use
before erosion of cable jacket causes shorts. Lots of exposed
electronics inside. Who wants +24VDC on the coax shield?

Used a recycled AT power supply for +12V and a 6A +24VDC for motor B+.

Antenna was an 2m Elk for testing. Next up is adding buckets of concrete.

Norm n3ykf

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