[amsat-bb] DOD and FEMA Hams?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 30 14:20:46 UTC 2016

I'd like to build a list of HAMS that work for FEMA or DOD or other
federal agencies as a resource to refer to when trying to show the value
of Amateur Radio.

We are all very much aware of the huge number of volunteers.  That list
would be "huuuge" and unmanageable... but in this case I'm wanting to
build a list of only those actually employed there. (or so influential
that their inclusion is demanded).

Please respond directly to bruninga at usna.edu

No, I am NOT militarizing the hobby, just trying to reach out to others in
similar work environments.  Its always nice to have friends in the right
places.   Bob, WB4APR

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> ... our next student experimental satellite will be a bent-pipe
> HF linear transponder... with uplink on 15m and downlink on 10m.

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