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just forwarding from my inbox 
73 Bob W7LRD 

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Hello everyone, 

There is a local ham selling an Icom IC-275H. If interested you can contact him directly. See the details below. 

Adam W2NCC 

For sale Icom IC-275H 100 watts 2 meter all mode transceiver.featuring, panel meter with SWR, FM Discriminator, ALC, in addition to Signal and PWR. 
Front panel select/adjust of data switch, data level nob, RX audio notch filer, RX audio tone control. Also has installed FL-83 CW Narrow filter. 
Comes with original DC Power cord, Original SM-12 Mic, and original manual 
Asking $500.00 OBO 

For more information contact Martin Malliett 
n7dff at yahoo.com | 360.970.4088 

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