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Wed Jun 29 14:47:32 UTC 2016

Good thought, Edson.  I hope someone follows through on it.
Kevin and others, let's also bear in mind that most of the satellites being 
 built today for operation in the amateur bands are coming from outside 
North  America.  There are hundreds of them; to get an idea, look at the IARU  
frequency coordination data base at _www.iaru.org/satellite_ 
(http://www.iaru.org/satellite) .  Very few  of these are communication transponders.  
Wouter, AMSAT-UK, and a few  others are doing a great job; we need more of them.
Within the US, when someone like Bob, WB4APR, tries to build amateur  
communication sats, he runs into needless obstacles from FCC and NTIA.
The purpose of this thread is to encourage more people, inside and outside  
the US, to consider building amateur comm sats.  Especially outside North  
America, there are more launch opportunities than we might think.
73 Ray W2RS

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