[amsat-bb] Financial arguments about full duplex

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Nicely put Drew.
I also get a chuckle when I hear the "I only have one radio".   When I go to any hams house and stumble into his shack there are always so many radios, antennas, switches, coax bundles, etc. The word Ham means a collector or hoarder of electrical stuff. I mean that in a good sense as I am one also, ha. 

I never want to exclude anyone and actually love enticing new hams into working the birds. I can definitely feel for those that try to work SO-50 and all they hear is sqqqaakkkk squeeeek buzzzz. 

Tell you what. If there is any ham out there that really can't afford another antenna, then I would be more than happy to help them out. I have a brand new Elk antenna with the velcro bag. Never used! If it will help I will send it to you for free. I never want to discourage anyone. I look at it as guidance to new hams to help them be proficient operators. Working full duplex is a blast.   

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>That is what I have done, built a cheap antenna.  I have a Chinese radio and I have made contacts on SO-50, half duplex.  I DO NOT get on the linear birds because >primary I do not have the means to run 2M/70CM SSB. I can also understand that it would near impossible to effectively make a contact But newbies can/should be >given guidance in the form of Elmers. Not being told they are not welcome if they don't have the equipment others have.

The discussion centers on the importance of best practices being taught and demonstrated by those elmers you mention. Elmers walk with you, guiding, correcting, encouraging along the way. The need to have practical knowledge, and all too often we see people who don't operate, or just started themselves, passing out poor or erroneous information. If the shields can be dropped for long enough, there are lots of elmers right here on this list to help the newbies out. Elmers should continue to learn as well.

> By the way check the prices an arrow >antenna that will give someone the best chance to get into AO-85 with a Cheap Chinese radio is about $150.00.

Elmer moment right here: The arrow without the diplexer is $60 cheaper than the one with the diplexer (http://store.amsat.org/catalog/index.php?cPath=1). Use that $60 for a 2nd receiver and now you can hear if you are getting into AO-85 or SO-50, adjust for Doppler on AO-85, and make more contacts, and cause less QRM. You'll need a set of headphones as well, about $5 at Big Lots or Walmart. Better experience for you, better for everyone else, less money.

Or, build the functionally same antenna for $10 and a few hours time, and save some more bucks. I love my Arrow(s), but a WA5VJB or IOio antenna works just as well. Links to plans can be found here: http://www.amsat.org/?page_id=2144

73, Drew KO4MA

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