[amsat-bb] NO-84 PSK31 on Field Day

KO6TZ Bob my.callsign at verizon.net
Tue Jun 21 14:00:39 UTC 2016


Unfortunately we will not be in the foot print long enough to work each 
other, but there is a pass here in the West right at 1800utc. If someone 
is going to be on the satellite, I can be there also. (10m band 
conditions permitting )

A couple of suggestions:

1.  Use the DopplerPSK V:0.2 program to transmit.
2.  Update the TLE's in the program.
3.  Set up a Field Day Satellite macro. Hopefully a terrestrial PSK-31 
station won't try to go back to you on 10 m.

Here is what I plan to use for the macro;

     "text": "cq  FD cq FD satellite MYCALL MYCALL "

Good luck....


Is anyone planning to work the NO-84 PSK31 transponder during Field Day?

Even if you don't have two way capability from your Field Day satellite
station, it would be fun to team up with your digital op and have them
uplink while you receive and then shout back and forth the details for the
QSOs. If you aren't in shouting distance, you could always coordinate via

Remember that for AMSAT Field Day, digital contacts are worth three points
each, but you're only allowed one QSO on each active digipeater. You can
make as many QSOs as you want on the NO-84 PSK31 transponder.


Paul, N8HM

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