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bruisedreed at juno.com bruisedreed at juno.com
Thu Jun 16 14:30:44 UTC 2016

Hello all!  Been lurking a while here and just wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone.  Just started working the birds. VERY limited success so far on the linear transponders. Limited budget leads me to either have to run in half duplex (obviously not preferred) or come up with another low cost receiving option. I bought an RTL-SDR to see if it could be any help. I have to say I really like this little receiver. It’s a little buggy figuring things out but it receives really pretty well…UNTIL I try to receive CW and SSB on the transponders. I have no problem receiving FM repeaters and simplex and have monitored a few SO50 passes with it no problem, but for some reason I’m not hearing the same signals I can hear on the receiver of my FT100 with the EXACT same antenna. I A/B them and have nothing on the SDR. Is anyone using one of these? I am probably missing something simple. When I started receiving HF I couldn’t make it work until I figured out I had to change the sampeling in the setup to direct from quadrature…only learned that through a forum and I assume something like that will make the thing come to life. Lack of documentation on some of these things is kind of a pain. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer and my apologies to anyone I have frustrated working half duplex! I will figure out what I’m doing!
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