[amsat-bb] Field day power from BEV?

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You can operate under whichever class fits your power source. Here is what the ARRL says about the power multiplier. 

7.2. Power multipliers: The power multiplier that applies is determined by the highest power output of any of the transmitters used during the Field Day operation. 7.2.1. If all contacts are made using a power of 5 Watts or less and
 if a power source other than commercial mains or motor-driven generator is used (batteries, solar cells, water-driven generator), the power multiplier is 5 (five). 7.2.2. If all contacts are made using a power of 5 Watts or less, but the power source is from a commercial main or from a motor-driven generator, the power multiplier is 2. If batteries are charged during the Field Day period using commercial mains or a motor-driven generator the power multiplier is 2 (two). 7.2.3. If any or all contacts are made using an output power up to 150 Watts or less, the power multiplier is 2 (two). 7.2.4. If any or all contacts are made using an output power greater than 150 Watts, the power multiplier is 1 (one). 7.2.5. The power multiplier for an entry is determined by the maximum output power used by any transmitter used to complete any contact during the event. (Example: a group has one QRP station running 3 Watts and a second station running 100 Watts, the power multiplier of 2 applies to all contacts made by the entire operation). 

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Hi folks,

Every year there's always someone with an off-the-wall question about
the Field Day rules.  Not hearing one yet, it might as well be my turn...

There are different station classifications based on your power source. 
What class is a station that gets its power from a Battery Electric
Vehicle (one with battery only, no gas engine), for example, if I run my
rig from the car's 12v Accessory outlet?

Class-C covers a currently-traditional (ICE) car, one with a combustion
engine driven generator (alternator) backing up the car's battery. 

My car has no such generator, just a really big battery (57kw).  If I
park the car and run a 12v cable to the operating position at a nearby
picnic bench, and keep to 5 watts or less, am I Class A Battery?  What
if higher than 5 watts?


Greg  KO6TH

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