[amsat-bb] Practice tracking ES'hail 2

Nico Janssen hamsat at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 11 17:17:15 UTC 2016

The new geostationary satellite ES'hail 2 will be placed over the
equator at 26 degrees East. Those who would like to practice
tracking that new geosat can do so by tracking its predecessor
ES'hail 1, which is in almost the same location over the equator
at 25.5 degrees East.

TLEs for ES'hail 1, also known as Eutelsat 25B, object 39233,
2013-044A, are available through the usual sources, i.e.
Space-Track.org, Celestrak, etc.

Any tracking program should do. It will give you a feeling for
what to expect and for the small variations of the satellite
position over the day. And from the distance to the satellite
you can calculate the delay times of the signals relayed by the


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