[amsat-bb] SDRPlay and Satellites

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 16:37:47 UTC 2016

If that’s directed at me, Bob, I’ve tried many of the various SDR apps and find that HDSDR suits my needs the best.

I track with Orbitron and that can tune HDSDR for doppler if you wish.  Auto-doppler tracking works great for FM, but SSB seems to be more of a moving target at times.

As someone else mentioned, the ability to record audio with the SDR app is great, too.  One thing that might not be obvious is recording the entire band, not just the frequency you’re working.  For SSB satellites, on playback, you can tune over to other signals and listen to other QSO’s if you’re curious to see who else was on.

But take my experience with a grain of salt – I do much more telemetry reception than voice satellite work.

-Scott, K4KDR


From: Bob Cutter 
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What software are you using? 

Bob KI0G


On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 9:50 AM, Scott <scott23192 at gmail.com> wrote:

  Matt, I put the "amateur" in amateur radio, but I find that the SDRPlay 
  works great for satellite reception (FM or SSB).

  I only have FM transmit capability, but I often monitor the SSB satellite 
  passes and it sure makes it easy to have a visual indication of where the 
  downlink signals are located.  I have nothing but the highest admiration for 
  the years that people have spent finding downlink signals with a 
  conventional radio where you can't SEE the signal, but have to hunt for it 
  by tuning around.  Just amazing.

  Anyway, I don't think I could go back from the ease of  use that an SDR 
  display gives you on finding downlink signals.  Auto-doppler tracking is an 
  nice bonus, too!

  -Scott,  K4KDR
  Montpelier, VA  USA


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  From: Matt Patterson
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  Hi All,

  I've recently become interested again in working some of the satellites
  that are still operational.  Back when I was active 4-5 years ago I was
  working FM only and now want to get back into it and try FO-29 and AO-7
  as well.  I purchased a SDRPlay with the hopes of using it as the
  downlink receive and already have a Yaesu FT-857 (that I'll set to low
  power) or a cheap Chinese HT as my uplink depending on the satellite.
  Are there any others out there who use the SDRPlay for this purpose?  I
  know Patrick (WD9EWK) has used one before and I have been corresponding
  with him via e-mail but was just curious if there were any others out
  there that do as well.

  73 Matt

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