[amsat-bb] EsHail2 2.4GHz feed + 10 GHz LNB

jerry.tuyls at telenet.be jerry.tuyls at telenet.be
Fri Jun 3 21:00:35 UTC 2016

I am also preparing the station for Eshail.

>From DD7MH i have a dual band ringfeed for 23 and 3cm, but i am thinking about a helix for 13cm and keeping the ring for 3cm. The dish will be a spare 2m prime focus mesh dish, although a have a small offset dish too(1.40m) which will be better on 3cm for RX. I read somewhere in the past,an article from a French OM, about his measurements 
on dish-gain,resulting in the same between a 1m offset and a 2m prime focus on 10GHz.
My mesh dish is over 10y old now, bought it at RFHamdesign with a 23 and 13 hornfeed. Nice made, but i changed the mesh to a smaller one(5*5mm) for higher band use.
For AO-40 i used a 60cm dish with a small helix feed, maybe this will be enough for the uplink on Eshail, together with a TV dish and LNB. When monitoring rainscatter on 3cm
it works great with the LNB, just a homemade biasT for powering up and the signal into a dongle for SDR. 
In the past i made a RHCP crossyagi on 23cm for AO-51, worked great, maybe it is time to make one for 13cm instead off using a dish.(windload)

I just need something to get on 13cm for the uplink...




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Onderwerp: [amsat-bb] EsHail2 2.4GHz feed + 10 GHz LNB

As promised I downloaded the pictures from my camera. 

This afternoon I made a new helix (v0.2)

Some (preliminary) information + pictures are here: 


73, Remco PA3FYM 

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