[amsat-bb] EsHail Microwave transponder satellite

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Jun 1 19:00:59 UTC 2016

I asked a manufacturer of feeds (RFHAMDESIGN) and they said a dual
feed was not possible. Uplink is circular and downlink is linear using
a normal LNB.

However many Europeans may have one dish for TV anyway. It is
relatively easy to mount two LNBs on one dish for 2 different
satellite positions, so one dish for household TV with a second LNB
for Eshail sat, The LNB that is offset from prime focus will see a
smaller gain than prime focus so a slightly larger dish may be needed
and a separate dedicated dish for circular uplink. That is not to say
it could not be done, but to have both at the same focal point is not
a good idea.

A rotator is not needed for EsHail as it is proper geostationary.

So do you currently have satellite TV, how big, and what satellite is
it pointing at?
Also what is your location?

On 01/06/2016, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Im not following this closely, but if the bands were cross polarized, it
> should be possible...?
> Bob, WB4APR
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> I don't think it is possible to create a dual-band dish feed that covers
> 2.4 and 10.5 GHz. AMSAT folks are working hard on a 5G/10G dual-band feed,
> and that is difficult. Even more complicated is your desire to use a
> commercial 10G satellite TV LNB as one of the two feeds. I think you are
> going to have to use two antennas for those 2 bands. The 10G dish with
> satellite TV LNB for one of them, and either a separate dish or a loop yagi
> or something else for the uplink. A Yaesu Az/El rotor can handle a pair of
> antennas, in fact it is almost a re
> On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 6:19 AM, Žilvinas Atkočiūnas <
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>> Hi all,
>> Any ideas how to use two antennas with single dish ? (one of them SAT
>> LNB)
>>  LY2SS

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