[amsat-bb] NO-84

Nicholas Mahr KE8AKW nicholasmahr1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 03:04:45 UTC 2015

I managed to make 2 contacts on this evenings passes with WN9M and KD7YZ on
the PSK31 transponder. The first contact was not so easy due to RX fades.
The second contact with much easy with less RX fades. I don't usually hear
more than 1 station on if any on any pass and dont see alot of reception
reports on the oscar status webpage, so more people should give it a try!
Its very rewarding. And maybe Bob should put the bird on a schedule where
it switches between the digipeater and PSK31. As far as I can tell from the
telemetry, its surviving eclipses fine, but why wear down the battery with
both transponders on? See you on NO-84.

KE8AKW, Nick

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