[amsat-bb] Minimum 10m equipment for NO-84?

Bob KD7YZ kd7yz at denstarfarm.us
Thu Nov 26 12:19:50 UTC 2015

On 25-Nov-15 2345, Scott wrote:

... just what would be required to transmit PSK-31 to
> NO-84?

Per WB4APR, I got the program "PSKDoppler". That one drives my
Tigertronics-SignaLink with the data to Drive the K3. The K3 goes to the
weak-link, namely my 300-foot dipole, ladder-line-fed at 85 feet.

The antenna pattern just isn't too useful for continuous access, in a
given pass,  to PSAT.

The program DopplerPSK on the other hand is nifty. Keeps the TX freq
quite stable to the uplink. Since the Downlink on 70cm is FM, I don't
seem to have to worry about Doppler corrections on that downlink. Pretty
neat indeed.

The difficulties I have are in not being strong enough, often with 90
watts, to bring-up PSAT. If the downlink is activated by her beacon,
then I get in quite well.

In my case I need a vertical for 10m.

This all may not be your minimal requirement. However, you can see what
another newbie to PSAT is trying.

> In the Amateur Radio world, I'm sure that I'm in the minority, but I
> don't even OWN an HF rig. 

A comment here. As a T-Shirt which I bought for my grand-daughter says,
"When All Else Fails ... Amateur Radio." IIRC, Sparks has a Key and wire
antenna on that "T".

HF is useful to reach planet-wide in emergencies of a larger scale. With
today's digital modes like JT65, I have made VK on a half-watt. ..The
need for good CW is, to me, self-explanatory. In '58 when I started CW
was better than my nose touching the SHure-Mic and getting zapped all
the dang time. CW should be a skill set required. And mechanical CW, not
a digital representation.

This is Thanksgiving, please don't carpet-bomb me for the last
paragraph, hi hi.

Happy THANKSGIVING fellow Satellite-People.

> My primary interests are the higher ....

yes, mine too. But not all-inclusive

AmSat LM#901

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