[amsat-bb] SAT work with FLEX radio

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 21:49:04 UTC 2015

There is a lively discussion on the Flex Community forum about this very issue right now. Sounds like
all the pieces are close, but not quite there, for a convenient satellite operation rig.



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<Transverters are merely used to allow you to operate a radio on
<another frequency band.  They are not duplex as a rule.
<Since satellite operation is cross-band duplex and not duplexing on
<two separate frequencies in a single band, you probably will be using
<two transverters if the radio does not operate either satellite
<band.  If so, then one will Tx on the uplink band and the other will
<Rx on the downlink band.  I assume the FLEX-6000 is a HF/6m radio.
<The larger question is whether the FLEX-6000 is a duplex
<radio?  Earlier FLEX radios were not duplex.  Some had two receivers
<but one could not transmit while receiving (ie operate duplex).
<I own Elecraft radios and will eventually set up for full cross-band duplex by:
<1.  Tx on my K3+DEMI 28/432 xvtr in the 435-437 band
<2.  Rx on my KX3-2M (KX3 with internal 2m transverter)
<I can reverse which Rx and which Tx, so able to operate either mode
<UV or VU; either will output up to 25w.
<Both radios are multi-mode permitting CW/SSB/FM/digital
<operation.  Only caveat is 9600-baud data which will require me to
<use my SDR-IQ or the K3 IF output to separate SDR which I already use for eme.
<The biggest hurdle will be Frequency control of two radios.  Haven't
<gotten into that, yet.
<73, Ed - KL7UW
<Not currently QRV for satellite.
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<Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving,
<                 Question.. how many of you are doing SAT work with a
<FLEX-6000 series rig?   I'm in the processes of pursuing just that, got my
<first Transverter to build, while I'm waiting figured I'd start the
<conversation on how do you have everything setup?  I had a 9100 and could do
<full duplex and am wondering if the FLEX with transverters will allow the
<same full duplex operation (I'm assuming it will)
<  Keep in mind here I am new to this transverter thing and have never set one
<up before..
<73, Ed - KL7UW
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