[amsat-bb] SAT work with FLEX radio

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Nov 25 21:08:59 UTC 2015


Transverters are merely used to allow you to operate a radio on 
another frequency band.  They are not duplex as a rule.

Since satellite operation is cross-band duplex and not duplexing on 
two separate frequencies in a single band, you probably will be using 
two transverters if the radio does not operate either satellite 
band.  If so, then one will Tx on the uplink band and the other will 
Rx on the downlink band.  I assume the FLEX-6000 is a HF/6m radio.

The larger question is whether the FLEX-6000 is a duplex 
radio?  Earlier FLEX radios were not duplex.  Some had two receivers 
but one could not transmit while receiving (ie operate duplex).

I own Elecraft radios and will eventually set up for full cross-band duplex by:
1.  Tx on my K3+DEMI 28/432 xvtr in the 435-437 band
2.  Rx on my KX3-2M (KX3 with internal 2m transverter)
I can reverse which Rx and which Tx, so able to operate either mode 
UV or VU; either will output up to 25w.

Both radios are multi-mode permitting CW/SSB/FM/digital 
operation.  Only caveat is 9600-baud data which will require me to 
use my SDR-IQ or the K3 IF output to separate SDR which I already use for eme.

The biggest hurdle will be Frequency control of two radios.  Haven't 
gotten into that, yet.

73, Ed - KL7UW
Not currently QRV for satellite.

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Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving,

                 Question.. how many of you are doing SAT work with a
FLEX-6000 series rig?   I'm in the processes of pursuing just that, got my
first Transverter to build, while I'm waiting figured I'd start the
conversation on how do you have everything setup?  I had a 9100 and could do
full duplex and am wondering if the FLEX with transverters will allow the
same full duplex operation (I'm assuming it will)

  Keep in mind here I am new to this transverter thing and have never set one
up before..


73, Ed - KL7UW
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