[amsat-bb] Heavens Above Tracking Program

Ed Cunningham edc2491 at cox.net
Wed Nov 25 16:47:18 UTC 2015


I started working satellites in April of this year and have been using
Heavens Above to track ISS, SO-50 and AO-85.  Because of my location (my
back yard) SO-50 has not been in a good position during the day for me to
work.  I have been trying to work AO-85 but have not heard it for the past
week.  I initially thought that the antenna had a problem but it wasn't
since I could hear conversations on various repeaters in the Phoenix AZ
area.  This morning it downed on me to check AmsatDroid Free on my phone.  I
found that the information on passes listed on Heavens Above was early, the
LOS time was actually the AOS time on AmstatDroid Free.  I have been setting
up for a pass and getting on early using the Heavens Above information and
getting off just as AO-85 was reaching AOS.  Up until this past week Heavens
Above has been very reliable.  Both the Android phone version and the
internet software version are giving the same pass times.  Using the pass
times from AmsatDroid Free I was able to hear conversations on AO-85 this
morning but was unable to make contact.  That's me being new to AO-85 which,
I have read, can be frustrating.  




Ed, N7EC   

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