[amsat-bb] VUCC Trivia

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Nov 20 20:36:27 UTC 2015

Hi Dave!

Glad I could be helpful with some grids for your satellite
VUCC award!

Ever since ARRL fixed LOTW in 2011 to accept station locations
with more than 1 grid locator for those operating at grid
boundaries and intersections, I have put all of my logs
into that system. It took a lot of setup to get things ready
for my logs to go into LOTW, with (at the time) well over 100
different station locations I needed for my satellite operating.
I still need to define new station locations when I operate from
new locations, but that's not a big deal now. And I do try to
upload my logs quickly, as some have mentioned on Twitter - even
when I'm away from home.

For those that don't care for LOTW, and/or still like the paper
confirmation, I still print and send out QSL cards. Sometimes I
will preemptively send QSL cards out for my trips to different
grids, even to those who use LOTW and have received a confirmation
there. If you work me and want a QSL card, just e-mail me the
QSO details. If you're in the log, I'll drop a card your way.

Hope to get you more grids in the future. 73!

Twitter: @WD9EWK

   Now for the trivia part of this post.  Rovers made up a large part of my
> LOTW log.   Those that uploaded multiple grids for my award were as
> follows:
> KG5CCI - 14 grids,   AC0RA (W0N) - 13 grids,  WD9EWK - 8 grids
> W5PFG - 5 grids,    N8HM - 3 grids,   KX9X - 3 grids,  WA7HQD - 3 grids,
> K8YSE - 2 grids,  KA4H - 2 grids,  N6UA - 2 grids,  VE3NKL - 2 grids
>    That is 57 grids out of 107 total.  In that stack of cards that I have
> yet to turn in for credit are additional grid confirmations from some of
> those listed above.  My best example is my QSL from KF9PL/6Y5 (now KX9X)
> from 5/27/94.

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