[amsat-bb] VUCC Trivia

David Jaeger yogiwn9q at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 17:32:04 UTC 2015

Hello to all,
   Over the past decades I have accumulated a stack of QSL cards covering
satellite QSOs dating back to the early Oscars and RS12/13 days.  I never
got around to applying for the VUCC award or any others associated with
working the birds.  Last year I made the decision that when I hit 100
satellite LOTW grids I would apply for the VUCC sat award the easy way
electronically.  Two weeks ago I checked my total online and found out that
I was at 91 grids.  At that time I figured that at the rate I am going it
would be in 2016 before I ever hit 100.  Then along came Wyatt AC0RA as
W0N with his roving grid expedition and I picked up 12 new grids and they
were all uploaded and confirmed by Monday afternoon.  A few more grids were
picked up from other stations in the last two weeks and yesterday I applied
for my LOTW VUCC for 107 grids.  Thanks Wyatt and all the others that
uploaded their logs.
   Now for the trivia part of this post.  Rovers made up a large part of my
LOTW log.   Those that uploaded multiple grids for my award were as follows:

KG5CCI - 14 grids,   AC0RA (W0N) - 13 grids,  WD9EWK - 8 grids
W5PFG - 5 grids,    N8HM - 3 grids,   KX9X - 3 grids,  WA7HQD - 3 grids,
K8YSE - 2 grids,  KA4H - 2 grids,  N6UA - 2 grids,  VE3NKL - 2 grids

   That is 57 grids out of 107 total.  In that stack of cards that I have
yet to turn in for credit are additional grid confirmations from some of
those listed above.  My best example is my QSL from KF9PL/6Y5 (now KX9X)
from 5/27/94.

 So thanks again to all those that upload to LOTW for helping with my

       73,    Dave     WN9Q

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