[amsat-bb] FM sats from IO95-IO94 gridline on Sunday 15

Daniel Estévez daniel at destevez.net
Sat Nov 14 10:48:03 UTC 2015


Weather permitting, I plan to be operating tomorrow Sunday 15 as M0HXM/P
from the gridline IO95HA-IO94HX. I guess that IO95 is a rare grid for
many people, because there are no major populations in this grid. Also,
I hear that IO94 is no so common.

I will be working from South Shields beach using a handheld arrow
antenna, FT-817ND for RX and FT-2DE for TX. I'm planning on getting
there either for the 9:32UTC SO-50 or the 10:32 AO-85 pass. Then I'll be
on several of the passes of AO-85 and SO-50, probably until 14:10 at least.

Please, keep in mind several things:

1) This will be done weather permitting. If it starts raining a lot,
I'll cancel. Tomorrow's forecast is a bit doubtful, but in principle it
won't rain during the hours I'll be operating.

2) I don't always get well to AO-85 with this setup, so please bare with
me. As I'm full duplex, I know what got on and what didn't, so I'll try
my best to retransmit what didn't.

3) Recall that exchanging a grid locator is not necessary for a valid
contact. To keep things running fast, please don't transmit your grid
locator if it is the same that you have listed on qrz.com. I won't be
transmitting my full locator. I will only transmit IO95-IO94 very
sparingly as I see fit.

Updates to this will be posted to amsat-bb if I'm at home (I don't have
an internet connection outside home) and you can also keep an eye for
M0HXM-7 in aprs.fi.



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